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Dec. 30th, 2011


Ruffled shirt - party costume help plx

Hello everyone! I'm new here :) I joined because I need your help! (and I hope that this post is ok here)

Tomorrow I have a sort-of-dress-up party and we have to dress up as characters from films. I have this ruffled shirt (3/4 sleeve, waist-lenght) (looks a bit like the one here, just shorter: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR9yNOpEE8TbRV2zaYjrCdh7TXChnh7BFkIQsnYxPi527R-E-j3cQ ) and I can't think of any kind of costume (except perhaps Jack Sparrow) that I could make with it. Can any of you think of anything? I'm just collecting ideas, maybe I'll come up with something myself :)

Thanks for your time!

Mar. 16th, 2011


Willy Wonka themed party!

I am new to this community, and I am SO glad I came across it! April 10th, I am having a 1st birthday for my son. It is going to be a Willy Wonka themed party, and I'm so excited!

I would love to hear any ideas you have. I am on a budget since it is only me throwing the whole party, so bargain is GOOD!

So far, I have started piecing together a 'candy buffet', but I am just really stumped on what to do. Also, we are just doing buffet style food, so what dishes are cheap to make in large quantities?

Please help! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Its only about 3 weeks away and I need to start getting stuff together asap!

Here is a picture of the invitation!Collapse )

Jul. 15th, 2010

music, love music



Hi all, I just joined this group. I'm always known as the hostess in my group of friends, so it's no surprise that I've joined.

Anyway, I'm coming to you all with a bit of a dilemna...
I'm going camping tomorrow and made jell-o shots to bring on the trip. I just made them last night, but when I checked them this morning they still hadn't settled. There's a good chance I put to much vodka in. Is there any way to remedy this, or do I need to toss them out and start from scratch? I don't know if it makes a difference, but I used agar instead of regular jello, since I don't eat gelatin.

also, can anyone give me some ideas for my uses for leftover passion fruit vodka (you know, beyond shots)?


Jul. 12th, 2010


Everything's Just Duckie: A Bridal Shower

On Saturday I hosted a garden tea party bridal shower for duckierose. Ladies were asked to wear dresses and froofy large hats and a pretty darn girly event was thrown. duckierose is very well loved by all of her friends for which I am extremely lucky because I had a TON of offers to help. Of course I accepted. (Momma didn't raise no fool!)

Anywho... welcome to the GIANT POST OF DOOM... WITH PICTURES!Collapse )

Jun. 30th, 2010


Bridal Shower Invites

My friend's bridal shower is in two weeks and I've been frantically trying to put it all together.

Here's the shower invites that I made!

I call these a semi-DIY because I did start out with a kit that I found at Mimio in Pasadena. http://www.mimiopapers.com/ Then I sort of built from there based on the inspiration I found, grabbing some ink from Blick Art Supplies http://www.dickblick.com/ and some extra pieces from Paper Source http://www.paper-source.com/

I think these will work perfectly for our garden tea party bridal shower.
Pictures and some step by stepCollapse )

Jun. 29th, 2010


Shabby Chic Baby Shower

This community has been a little dead recently. Thought I'd liven it up with a post about a party I recently helped out on as the florist/seamstress (for banners and chair decor)/photographer.


The host was Kristeen of Kristeen Labrot Events, a wedding coordinator I work with frequently. She was going for a vintage look with colors of light pink and apple green with accents of blues and yellows....
read moreCollapse )

Apr. 30th, 2010


Huge Favor to Ask!

Hi all!

I'm doing some market research and am looking for feedback from people.  If anyone has time to fill out a short, 8-question survey, I'd really, really appreciate it.

Find it here.

Thanks a million!

Mar. 30th, 2010



child's party invitation

 my son, Brewer, is turning 5 in May. i have no patience so i already made the invites. we are having a treasure hunt...i will update the party as things get done, but here is how i made the invitations...

Mar. 23rd, 2010


Antarctica 40th


I am planning an Antarctica theme 40th birthday for my husband.

any ideas on menu, decorations etc would be greatly appreciated.

so far all i can think of is keep it blue and white.

the menu is mainly deserts because thats all i can think of. ... meringue, blue jelly (jello), lemonade, marshmellow...

Its Obviouse i need help


Mar. 8th, 2010


Baby Shower on a budget..

Hey everyone,

I'm new to this comm and I'm hoping everyone will provide me with some awesome advice.

My brother somehow got roped into throwing a baby shower for his friend and since he knew nothing about doing that he passed it to big sister. I like throwing parties so I had no problem arranging all of this.

Now here comes the problems, we're both students so our budget is almost non existent. The party consist mostly of college students and some adults mixed from both genders. I'm looking for prizes that would be adequate and easily able to purchase on a meager budget. The thing is too I want something that can appeal to either gender and probably won't get thrown away, otherwise why am I wasting my money?

So far I have managed to get most of my supplies at the dollar store, and I have planned some simple games.

Any suggestions would be awesome, as well as any way to actually keep the party flowing and itinerary!

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