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Planning and Throwing Parties

Ideas, themes, games, menus and decorations.

Party ideas, themes and menus.
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Whether one lives in a mansion or a hovel there should be an occasional party. Not to offer the best one has to friends now and then, whether it be little or much, is to be guilty of antisocial and unnatural behavior.
~from The New Etiquette (1937), by Margery Wilson

This community is a place for people interested in throwing parties (or balls, banquets or intimate dinners.)

Here will be a place to share and suggest party ideas, themes, menus, games, and decoration ideas regarding this rewarding (if anxiety-filled) hobby.

Whether you've never thrown a party before and want to know where to start, have a theme in mind but no idea how to work it out, are overwhelmed by a large guest list and few rsvps, or want to share stories or pictures of a successful (or unsuccessful) party you've already hosted (or attended,) this community is a place for you.

Share, ask, volunteer ideas, whatever. We love it when you post pictures of events that have already happened, and progress on planning new events, or questions or things that didn't work out are very helpful to share as well!

...community promotion is okay, so long as the community is related somehow to party planning, and only after you post something relevant in this community first...
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