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Feb. 11th, 2010


A Prom Story

We have these amazing and creative friends who love hosting theme parties. Theme parties are for them what crafty projects are for me.

Every other year, our friends have rOxOr Prom hosted by duckierose and godofunder.

I was super psyched for Prom because it was a fun chance to dress up nice, hang out with good friends, act silly and have fun. Plus.... pictures!

Warning... TONS of pictures. Including planning, prep, and actual party!
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Jan. 23rd, 2010


House Warming Party - The making of a photo set.

We have some good friends who are obsessed with the photo booth concept. However, not everyone can afford a photo booth at their party. So... they make little mini sets! They set up a camera on a tripod with lighting hooked up and it goes directly to a lap top which is then run to the television in the living room where people can see what photos have been taken for the night. It's a pretty sweet setup!

Anyway, for their housewarming party they wanted to do a photo wall with a bunch of props and stuff for folks to play with. I'd say the party was a success, and of course, this fun activity was extremely popular with all the guests!

This was their inspiration picture:

This was the set that they built. It's basically a wall that has three large photo frames with different backdrops behind them. The big photos on the left are removable via velcro.

Let the fun begin!

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Diaper Cakes - the making of a great centerpiece for baby showers

I seem to be surrounded by babies or people who are pregnant these days. A great gift/centerpiece for those either attending or hosting a baby shower is a Diaper cake. Basically, a bunch of diapers with various toys, treats or useful things all stuffed inside and made to look like a cake.

Here is the tale of my DIY cake adventures.
My original inspiration picture was this tres awesome diaper cake:

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Jan. 22nd, 2010


4th Annual Orphan's Thanksgiving Party - And, show me your turkey day tables!

This year due to space constraints and other things in our new abode, we had to limit the guest list down to very close friends that we hung out with more on an individual basis. Hopefully that will change next year when mulah and space permit.

This year's table wasn't very Thanksgiving-esque, but it was a color combo I wanted to try out. Also, it was a matter of being smart with money, and re-using alot of items I had acquired over the past year for various girl's wedding. Alas, we did not do formal invitations this year, and only stuck with e-vite. Again, not enought time to design!

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Comments Appreciated!

What was the best party you've ever been to? And what made it so great?


New Member!

Hi all!

New member here! Looks like the community has been a little inactive lately, but I hope we can get it back up and going!!

I'm the owner and event coordinator of an event planning company in Wisconsin...I love everything parties...and I love to spread the joy, hehe.

Mar. 15th, 2009



Baked Potato Feast

 I always find the food part to be the most difficult of party planning. Being a college student I never have a great amount of money to spend on food for parties.

That is when I got the idea for a baked potato feast! It is quite simple, you just buy a big bag of  jumbo potatoes (Costco is good for this), bake them up and then have a range of toppings out for each person to make their own. If you get the large potatoes it can be quite a filling meal. Just beware of how long it takes to bake jumbo potatoes, especially if you have a lot.  It took mine more than 2 hours at 350º. 

Also "elote", a popular Mexican treat is good for this as well.  It is just corn on the cob boiled up and topped with all kinds of things: butter, mayo, picante (chile powder), Mexican style sour cream (it is a bit runnier than the American version), salt and lime.

Just a couple ideas I thought I would share.

Jan. 11th, 2009



Hey all! Need Help!

I'm planning my friend's daughter's sweet 16th. Here are some ideas but i need help with cool ideas for the invitations:

1. Garden party: have it a botanical garden. paper fans as a favor. very just pinks and greens- a girly event with light refreshments. Kinda thinking like the garden party from The Women with Meg Ryan.

2. A cultural ball: have the guests dress up as different cultures like Indian sari's, kimonos, french costumes, flamenco dancers (spain), scottish kilts, etc. not sure where to have it yet. has to be some place cultural... duno. but mainly what how should i do the invites? I thought just regular invites but in several different languages? but i want a cool format...

3. an occupational bash: dress up like different occupations: teachers, doctors, etc. Invites? Location?

4. Time Honored Ball: Dress up like a different era or favorite person in history. I think for the invites here i'd use whatever era she wants to dress up as. so if victorian- then maybe invitations that look like the ones on Count of Monte Cristo.

2 and 4 are my favorite ideas. but i think it'll be easier for people to dress up for 3. and then i thought of 1 because she was like i want a girly party but not really a tea party (coz one of our mutual friends did that last year)

anyways thanks for the help!!

Dec. 28th, 2008



(no subject)


I am having a casual, plated dinner party for seven on New Year's Eve. It used to be six. But a dear friend has been added.

I will be using a casual styled holiday dinnerware..polka dots on square plates in holiday colors.

Problem: I only have silverware for six.

Any suggestions on a clever way to solve this problem?

I am not opposed to spending some money and I have the next three days off so I can shop for/make things. But I don't have a LOT of money to spend...no more than 15-20 bucks.

Dec. 10th, 2008


appetizer ideas?

my bf and i are hosting a new years eve party at our place this year, mostly with our college friends who have since moved on to other schools out of the area. great way to get all of the crew together. you get the point.

i would like to serve appetizers/hor d'oevres for everyone. i would like simple ideas, that are even more simple to eat. think no plates, or utensils...just pick off the serving plate and go. i'm also looking for cheap ideas as well.

this would generally be real easy to figure out, with classic ideas, but you have to understand the people that will be attending(!)
think a house full of beer drinking, football playing college boys; gathered together to drink more beer and play xbox.

so far i've thought of little weenies with crescent rolls, making a large pizza roll and slicing it and mini tacos.
but thats all i've got.
these aren't really chip and dip, or fruit and veggie or cheese plate kind of guys.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
thanks so much!

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