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xfuckmepumpsx in partyplanning

Willy Wonka themed party!

I am new to this community, and I am SO glad I came across it! April 10th, I am having a 1st birthday for my son. It is going to be a Willy Wonka themed party, and I'm so excited!

I would love to hear any ideas you have. I am on a budget since it is only me throwing the whole party, so bargain is GOOD!

So far, I have started piecing together a 'candy buffet', but I am just really stumped on what to do. Also, we are just doing buffet style food, so what dishes are cheap to make in large quantities?

Please help! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Its only about 3 weeks away and I need to start getting stuff together asap!

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I'm assuming that you're inviting adults to the party? This is an awesome idea. I would seriously come up with treats or activities that follow the book or movie. The scene where they lick the wallpaper? Maybe you can make your own scratch and sniff stickers, or play a game where people find their partner by matching scents. The tv room would be a great time to play a television trivia game, or watch the movie. What fun!
Thanks! Yes there will be adults and children there! I actually found an online article on how to make the wallpaper with melted Jolly Ranchers! :D
No way! What a great idea! You are going to have so much fun with this!
Can you link me to that article?


Can you tell me where you got this invite?
A friend of mine made them! Then I printed them on card stock and sprayed them with gold glitter..you can pm me if you want to see the party pics!