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fraserette in partyplanning

Baby Shower on a budget..

Hey everyone,

I'm new to this comm and I'm hoping everyone will provide me with some awesome advice.

My brother somehow got roped into throwing a baby shower for his friend and since he knew nothing about doing that he passed it to big sister. I like throwing parties so I had no problem arranging all of this.

Now here comes the problems, we're both students so our budget is almost non existent. The party consist mostly of college students and some adults mixed from both genders. I'm looking for prizes that would be adequate and easily able to purchase on a meager budget. The thing is too I want something that can appeal to either gender and probably won't get thrown away, otherwise why am I wasting my money?

So far I have managed to get most of my supplies at the dollar store, and I have planned some simple games.

Any suggestions would be awesome, as well as any way to actually keep the party flowing and itinerary!


You posted this a few days ago but I thought I'd chime in just in case the party hasn't happened yet--if it were me, I'd keep the games to a minimum and make the prizes something edible. Like "it's a girl/boy" candy cigars or big lollipops or something like that. At one shower some girls gave me, my friend in charge of the games got dollar store sippy cups and filled them with candy which was fun.

Good luck! I love throwing showers. :)
I found little food cups at the dollar store in little animals, I figured I would get Easter themed smarties (because of the pastel colours) and fill them.

As for treats I have little baggies and I'm going to fill them with candy!

At the last count the mommy invited 47 people so I kinda am hoping not all of them show up!!!